Candy Stores- Tiny, Small, Large

"Snow Cones" to "Snow Peas"

Location: Homan at Lake

These fourth grade girls attend Jacob Beidler Elementary School. They set up a Candy Store in front of their grandma's church, "Greater Tabernacle Church of God in Christ". They were my former art class students, so they knew me as "The Art Teacher," I thought they were so cute. This is a summer memory they will remember about East Garfield Park, when they grow up.

Candy Stores operated by children are common in the neighborhood, they have bridged the gap between the educational world and real (production/industrial) world, by adopting a real world experience and using problem solving models. Do they have a permit, did they put a business plan together, did they have a SBA (Small Business Administration Loan). I think not, they had an upfront investment, and then take the profits to reinvest into their inventory. There are two other stores near by, but they are popular because they are near the bus stop and can at then end of the day take the store back inside the building.

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