Palmer Square- BLVD

This is a review for the new Palmer Square playground that was just opened in Palmer Square, not the entire park itself, which is great.

I lived in this neighbor from April 2010 - July 2010, in an two flat that was over 100 years old. This place housed artists, two musicians, and myself a visual artist. I thought that the walk from the Blue Line CTA at California was beautiful, and safe. The police station was right their, and late at night you could see the officers out watching over people like me that don't fear walking around a city like Chicago late night.

The artist that designed the sculpture garden I use to visit their sculpture warehouse in Hammond Indiana, I think he did a wonderful job in creating space. The guy below I cut and pasted his comment, about the playground just because, you can't please everyone.

After numerous phone calls and emails to the alderman from ourselves not to mention the countless other who live around the square and were looking forward to the playground finally opening...the fence came down.

2 years? much money spent?

Please. What a disappointment. Not even a swing set or slide bigger for any kid over 2. I thought there might be a water fountain or something of the like.


Our son is 1 years old, so it's nice for him now, but honestly, in a few months he will be bored as will we. I realize it wasn't intended to be a full playground like Wicker Park or the one on Kimball or Fullerton and California. But seriously, what were we waiting for all this time.

I realize there are a lot of people opposed to the idea of a playground going into this park, and I understand, I thought it was a great space before. But honestly, in the years I've lived in this neighborhood, rarely have I seen many people making use of all of the space in the park, aside from homeless people sleeping on the benches and people running their dogs.

I guess it's better than nothing, so it gets 2 stars. If it was still a construction site, then it would get 1.



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