Culture Bridge and Curatorial Practice-

I was invited to curate the International Art Groups Annual Exhibition,CULTURE BRIDGE/KULTURBRUECKE 2017 an International Art Exhibition that bridges different artists and their artwork). 

Photo Credit Warren Perlstein, Photographer Kambua Chema   

As chief curator of the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network I make decisions regarding what objects to select, documentation, conduct research based on the collection and history, provides proper packaging of art for transportation, and shares that research with the public and community through exhibitions and publications.

Photo Credit Warren Perlstein

The curator's primary function is that of a subject specialist, with the expectation that he or she will guide the organization in its collecting. The Phantom Gallery has multiple curators, as with the International Art Group, each assigned to a specific collecting area (e.g., curator of live art, Marianna Buchwald, curator of film festival, Kao Ra Zen, Rah Marie Anderson curator of PopUp gallery, Piotr Wołodkowicz, (Polish Museum)  operated this year under the direction of a head curator.

Photo Credit Warren Perlstein

Photo Credit Warren Perlstein 

Thanking Bishal Manandhar who installed and assisted with the installation of the exhibition.
Chicago based Nepali artist. My work is about Nepali heritage and how we can bring our past into our future. My art is about revealing the simple things that normal vision doesn’t catch. My work highlights simple things with broad meanings; things we can see everywhere, but that we don’t usually think about.
Photo Credit Warren Perlstein 

Photo Credit Warren Perlstein 

Photo Credit Warren Perlstein
Photo Credit Warren Perlstein
Photo Credit Warren Perlstein


(An International Art Exhibition that bridges different artists and their artwork)


Michael Abcede

Rah Marie Anderson 
Renee Baker
Alpha Bruton
Hans-Ulrich Buchwald
Marianna Buchwald  
 Gina Carpenter
Paulo Carvalho Janina
 CiezadloKambua Chema 
Sara Peak Convery
Tomasz Fudala 
 Henning Greve  
  Kathryn Gauthier
Teresa Gierwielaniec – Rozanacki
Ladan Ghajar
Judith Heinemann
William Hill   
 Spencer Hutchinson
  Martha Juarez
 Delia Jean
Stanislaw Kielar
Wes Lee K (Wesley Kochan)
Agnieszka Kulon 
 George Larson
Boruch Lev
Ginny Ching Yin Lo
Bishal Manandhar
Aimee Michel
Brittany Nacole  
Didier Nolet  
 Elaine O’Sullivan
Tom Palazzolo   
 Elizabeth Parker
 Warren Perlstein
Lauren Pilot 
Linda M. Platt
Robert Pockmire 
 Judith C. Riemer
Erin Rossi
Judith  Roth
Daniel Shumis
Paola Cofresi Silverstien  
Joanna Szymanska  
  Joyan Tang
Althea Teamer
Bala Thiagarajan
Penelope Thrasher  
Elsa Toebelmann
Eileen Tull
Kim Denise Uhe   
 Daniel Weinberg
Zackary Williams
Piotr Wołodkowicz  
Teresa Zawitkowska
Fotios Zemenides
 Kao Ra Zen 



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