Bruton completed her studies in the art education and Teachers Credential Program in 1990 from the California State University of Sacramento. Upon moving to Illinois, she completed her studies in the Masters of Art in Administration Program at the School of the Art Institute in May of 2001.
Formal training in studio art, art education, dance production, theater arts, and art gallery management gives Bruton the foundation to manage art educations programs.
Currently, she is an artist and art consultant, a teaching artist listed in the Illinois Arts Council Arts Education Program Roster, and a vendor for Chicago Public Schools.
Her curatorial practice is the Phantom Gallery Chicago, where she is the Chief Curator, and board of director’s administrator.
She also serves on the board of the Visual Arts Development Project, An Art Service Organization - developing projects as living experiments for sustainable practices and an incubator for personal and collective transformation.
Alpha Bruton
Chicago, IL United States

Research Project 2012 - Current
Imperative of Being”, a Research Project NAACP Journal 1936-1943,
“Pop-Up Research Station”, archiving artist stories, 2013 Current
"Creative Conversation", BlogTalkRadio, 2014- Current

The following is a shortlist of exhibitions and installations:
Art and Social Justice: Examining the State of Our Environment, Overton Hygenic Building October - December 2018.
"Individualism", Gallery Guichard, Chicago May - July 2018
"Beauty of Diversity", Gallery Guichard, Chicago March-May 2017
"Culture Bridge 2017", International Art Group/Scharpenburg Gallery, 

"Echoes of Our Journey", Gallery Guichard, Chicago June – Oct 2016
“Louis Armstrong Festival”, Gallery Guichard, Chicago,  Jan – March 2016
“Bombay Sapphire Artesian Series”, 2014, 2015
“Hanging Glass to the Light so it Can Sing”, Art on Armitage, July 2015
“Matriarch’, Griffin Gallery, Chicago IL, June 2015      
“Spring Art Exhibition”, Valdosta, GA   April – June 2015
“Art Africa Miami Basel”, Overtown Miami, Florida, Dec 3-7th, 2014, 2015
“Berlin Art Club” Ist International Call, Berlin Germany, Sept 3-11th, 2012
“Creative Currency Words to Live By, April 2012 – Oct 13, 2012
“Berlin Chicago Kaleidoscope: Berlin  Germany, July –Oct 2011
“Elastic Arts “Intersections”, Chicago IL, April 2 – May 2011
“50 Aldermen/50 Artists”, Johalla Project, Chicago IL, March 2010
Sojourner Truth Art Museum, Museum Day, Sacramento CA, Feb 5, 2010
“AMP-CHI”, Elastic Sound and Vision Gallery, Chicago, IL, Oct 2010
“Friendship”, Sapphire and Crystal Group Exhibition, Chicago IL, Oct 2010
“Gutter Bunny Show” Art and Bikes, Chicago IL October 24, 2010
“Experimental Sound Narratives”, Create Fest, Chicago IL, July 2010
“In Black and White”, Creative Arts Alliance, Chicago IL, Jul14 – Aug 2008
“Living Sculpture”, Interfaith Peace Concert, Chicago Temple, Feb 2008
“Peace Tower” Mark di Suvero, Chicago Cultural Center, Jun-Oct 2007
“Living Art Reborn”, Artscape, Chicago Cultural Center, Mar 2006
“Halleluiah”, Union Street Gallery, Chicago, Dec 2003
“Different Strokes for Different Folks”, Newark, NJ, Sept 2001
“Bone Deep in Chicago: Counter Memorials”, SAIC, May 2000
“Elements of a Community: Installation” Jovenes, Inc., LA CA, 1997
“Encounters” Traveling Exhibition, Canada, California, Mexico, 1995

Artist in Residency Projects:
·         Get To Know, Prince George County, Maryland, May 2014, 2015
·         Grandmother’s Circle: A Continuum, Aberdeen Maryland, Jan-May 2013
·         Grandmother’s Circle: A Tribute, Tarble Art Center, Charleston IL, 2013
·         “Land Trust”: International Society of Alter Making, Auburn CA, May 2013
·         Wanderlust: Syke, Hannover, Berlin, Germany, July October 2012
·         The Writer’s Well, Sharpsburg, GA, Jan –March 2011
·         Ramstein Germany, July - August 2009-2012
·         “Road to Recovery”, Arts in Health Care, Oak Forest Hospital, 2002
2012: Berlin Chicago Kaleidoscope, ‘Curatorial Catalogue’,
2002: “Problems and Considerations for Women in the Arts, Administering Public Art Programs, SAIC
1994: African American Arts Summit, ‘There’s Some Thing in the Air” Critic’s and Presentations
1993: Celebration Arts Visual Artist Present, “African American Art Summit, Resolve Document, and Conference Documentation.


Los Rios Community College District, Dr. Talver Germany-Miller, Professor,

Education leadership Consultant, Toni Collie Perry,

Popup Research Station, Phantom Galleries Los Angeles, Liza Simone,

Caryl Henry Alexander, An Artist with a Purpose, Clinton Maryland,

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