Grandmother's Circle a Continuum

My goals for the next three to five years is to continue building my curatorial practice and creating environmental installation projects on land conservatories, engaging the public in the art of placemaking projects. In the last decade, my curatorial practice has taken me nationally, and internationally.

My current artwork is a simulation of ceremonial purification circles, in which objects and images are selected to “serve as cultural mirrors and the sites in which they are situated serve as part of a broader cultural commentary.” I have examined cultural signs and symbols and their use or interpretation. I believe that objects in the public sphere serve to communicate and reinforce certain cultural narratives, hierarchies, and social mythologies.

This project is important to me, in my career trajectory because I am focused on making elements of art, in a non-traditional setting as an environmental installation artist, and working outside of the traditional gallery setting. In the last decade, I have traveled throughout the State of Illinois and created art as an artist-in-resident and engaged communities in the art of art making, in empty lots, national forest preserves, on land held in conservators, in an alternative gallery, and museum settings. I have also challenged collaborating artists to present a temporary installation that engages public interaction.
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Holding Glass up to the Light, Where it Can Sing” is a Continuum of the narrative, Grandmother’s Circle a Tribute to Mama Crecy, and Sallie Alpha. This installation of found glass bottles and chard glass objects will be installed in the window of Art on Armitage  July -31, 2015.

My project will be an installation about the importance of bottle trees in folk traditions, where the tradition became a carry-over from Africa, a by-product of the slave trade, and in the southern states as post slavery external markers. 

This is a new collaboration between Mary Ellen Croteau an artist, and owner of Art on Armitage. She will be featuring myself along with seven artists from Chicago to participate with AOA at the Supermarket 2015, this is the galleries annual exhibition.  Here I will gather content for my installation, on the African immigrants living in Sweden since the 17th century this practice of glass bottles taken to Europe and North America by African slaves. The final production of this project in its presentation is a solo installation. The collection of data is to support my exploration of customs to reinforce certain cultural narratives, hierarchies, and social mythologies.

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