“Imperative of Being” Synopsis

“Imperative of Being” is a research project that explores the NAACP that assembled in Fresno California, from 1936 – 1943. The research focal point is on the handwritten notes found in this journal taken by African American women, elected to be recording secretaries. By processing uncatalogued events, I will correct some of the prevailing gaps and biases about African Americans that migrated to the Central San Joaquin Valley during this period.

Second Baptist Church

Introducing the various sources of information to a new audience, showcase the rich history found in them and promote the use of archives and contact with the people who hold their stories.

Why it is significant in advancing my career, because I will ambitiously energize one of California’s most historic corridors by staging temporary Popup Museum Exhibitions, to digitizing hidden special collections and archive these collections in publication. 

It is my hope that new audiences see the streets, churches, NCO clubs, movie houses, with new eyes by presenting two project components:  a Public Art Installation and a Temporary Museum Exhibition.


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