“Snow Cones” to “Snow Peas”



The Synesthetic Plan of Chicago was an art installation which is intended to:
Bring together sounds, sights, tastes, smells, and tactile things that relate to Chicago's neighborhoods, to create an interactive environment so participants can interact with the sensory "artifacts" of Chicago, in creative and imaginative ways.

To encourage people to think about synesthetic connections with things they enjoy about Chicago 2009 is the centenary of The Plan of Chicago. The Synesthetic Plan of Chicago is intended to correspond with the marking of this historic event.

“Snow Cones” to “Snow Peas” is a mobile installation, interactive art piece and was connected to my site specific installation at the Chicago Cultural Center Department of Tourism in 2009. The intent of the project was to once a week go to the Chicago Cultural Center Department of Tourism and run the “Candy Store”, pass out shaved ice to passerby’s, no money is exchanged. But, Tourism said no, they didn’t want to get into serving food, candy, or anything like that in the Information Center.
I had planned on ordering gold wrapped chocolate coins as currency, or making paper play money with the image of the sculpture to be in exchange for a cup of shaved ice. This was not a fundraiser, as we do not have a City Permit as a vendor to do business on the City of Chicago streets.

This project could have been performed during the opening reception or closing reception to the bigger show. The vendor stand being mobile could have been assigned to different neighborhood, and to attend scheduled conversations, panel discussions, or where other modules were installed, to serve to attendees, and artist at these events.

Hyde Park SMART Museum

 I presented a business proposal to the curators Dan Godston and Anne Heckman for the purchase of all the equipment, and supplies to vend a shaved ice stand and distribution of box single size candies. I did a call for interns, requesting an intern to complete orders, receive all shipments, build the vending cart, mount the signage, and restock ice in the igloo. I had proposed to serve 1,000 visitors for a 12 week period from June – August, on designated days. The intern would vend from 11am-1pm, mapping the reactions of people when they saw the mobile installation, and when they taste the snow cones.

I had also proposed to have published an online publication of the summer experience in a 100 page black and white online book, instead I took photos that were loaded on to flicker, Picasa, YouTube, that document the mapping, touring of other mobile-modules from the installation, and documented my visits to East Garfield Park, Hyde Park, Logan Square, Palmer Square, Bronzeville, Wicker Park, and the different vendors I saw on the route. 

Little Black Pearl, Kenwood

West Haven
Pilsen / 17th

East Garfield Park

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