Environmental Projects

"Get To Know" 2014 taking Environmental Installation to the Forest, adding textile arts to outdoor installations.

"How does your Garden Grow?"
Garden at the Notre Dame, in Paris France
Ramstein Germany Sidewalk Garden 2011

Sun Flowers in Ramstein Germany 2011

 The Writer's Well Installation 2011
I found this upside down washing machine while walking in the Georgia pines, behind the Writer's Well. I invited artist from California, Illinois, and Maryland to contribute by sending me dried seeds from their gardens to help me make a "Sacred Space" from this found object. My first contributor was Helen Mayers Jones, she sent a package of wild seeds from http://www.buzzyseeds.com/ to attract butterflies and humming birds.

These are neighborhoods that I live in and work in as an artist in Chicago. Other gardens and farmers markets can be googled. But I have visited the listed markets featured on my "snow peas" page.

The Logan Square Indoor Winter Farmers Market runs from Sunday, November 7, 2010 until Sunday March 27, 2011. The market hours are from 10am until 2pm

The Garfield Park Market (closed in 2009) but this market is an out growth.

God's Gang is a grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and strengthening the residents of the community with an all volunteer, staff. Perceived by many as a new organization, God's Gang was established by Grand Boulevard residents and St. Mary's A.M.E. Church members over thirty years ago. It has been maintained and supported primarily by donations and volunteerism.

Chicago's Community Gardens

National Gardening Association
For more than 35 years, the National Gardening Association (NGA) has been working to renew and sustain the essential connection between people, plants, and the environment. As a nonprofit leader in plant-based education, our vision is to make available free educational plant-based materials, grants, and resources that speak to young minds, educators, youth and community organizations, and the general gardening public in five core areas; education, health and wellness, environmental stewardship, community development, and home gardening. For more information, visit www.garden.org or www.kidsgardening.org.

Laurie Palmer, and other SAIC Volunteers at Beidler

Container Gardening
Installation Day, Beidler Elementary

Ashawn in the Switching Station Garden 2006
"Hi Alpha, Sending seeds and good vibes to help your garden grow! Good luck with the project." Helen Mayers Jones, Diana L. Bruton, Dr. Shirley Ewing, Bettye Sherrod, Adilah Barnes.

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