Pedagogical Patterns

These are all good questions, lets start to examine them on the blog site. What we are doing here is Pedagogical patterns, patterns for experimental learning, bridging the gap between the educational world and real (production/industrial) world. This connects to the larger project, as the description highlights look at this more than handing out snowballs, but an exercise in the process and how that transfers to pedagogical patterns. Transfer of skills, recording responses, documenting those responses, and archiving them as apart of the bigger picture. I'm glad to see that you have started your research. We are starting out on a blank sheet.

(Approach to this project can be: by adopting an artifact, real world experience, master apprentice, critique, and problem solving.)
Of course you are going to have to build your installation, (cart), make your signage, order supplies, inventory, how are you going to market? How does it connect to the installations at the Cultural Center, these are not questions you are to ask me to decide for you, I need you to take this on and complete it, record those processes, so that they become part of the exercise.

On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 2:11 PM, Lovietta Simpkins wrote:

Alpha you'd need a permit/ vending license and or a peddlers license whether your exchanging money or not for that, because your passing out edibles to consumers / people walking by. And also how is that a work study? What am I doing beside handling a snowball stand? Could you further explain your installation project. And what part I play besides handing out snow cones. I'm sending your forms to the head of my department awaiting final approval because all internship have to go through him.


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