"Snow Cones" to "Snow Peas"

Synestheisc Plan of Chicago for my installation. By answering the questions of, “What does East Garfield taste like? What does East Garfield smell like? What does East Garfield sound like? What does East Garfield feel like? What does East Garfield look like? We have the opportunity to develop our vision to be visionary to know the visible and invisible worlds.

What does East Garfield taste like? The power of taste is our greatest connection to memory, its delight and appreciation is felt in every cup of fruit flavored filled, melt in your mouth piece of candy, or snow ice sold for a quarter at the candy stores in the park. The taste of snow ice, with fruit flavored syrup, is a memory that inner city children have at play in the park. Growing up in Fresno California I had the taste of fresh fruit at the fruit stands along the road coming from the playground. But, for me walking to the “L” train I see the children running to the park candy stores for their taste of “Cherry”, “Strawberry”, “Lime”, “Blueberry”, “Orange” flavored syrup, and candy.

What does East Garfield smell like? The power of smell/scent is our strongest connection to memory, and memories are the treasures of life. The colors in the pharmaceutical bottles carry the smells of the streets, the park, the trees, the plants, the smell of the fresh snow, the smell of the wild geese, the fish in the pond, each row represents the color of gradation or cycle of the park from winter snow, spring green, summer, and fall leaves.

What does East Garfield sound like? What sound vibrations are found in the park?
My soul yarns to be tended to silently build a bridge from the seen world to the unseen. Late at night I hear the rumbling from the trains, I hear the sound of cars on the expressway. I hear the sirens taking the injured to the hospital a healing place. People talking, shouting, living. Then I hear the silence and the surrender of the streets to the quietest moment before dawn.

What does East Garfield feel like? Sometimes there is a wobbling wave feeling as in (op and pop art). When I’m standing under the “L” train on Lake Street, the power of sound vibration when the train is going overhead or try standing there when the trains are going east and west at the same time, from and to the loop. From the train ride from the Loop or the car ride underneath the train track on Lake Street when the sun is setting is the wildest optical illusion like pop art. It resonates, resounds as if you are in a tunnel that goes on and on. It is amazing to experience and no experience is the same.


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