"Snow Cone Stand in Garfield Park

On Monday August 10, I rode the Kimbal CTA#82, North bound to Grand/Kimbal. I sited six "Candy Store", "Snow Cone Stands" at Homan/Madison, Madison/Albany, Ohio/Homan, Hamlin/Washington, Homan/Rice, Lake/Homan, and one in Garfield Park.
I spoke with the vendors at the Garfield Park stand, about the SPC project, handed them a postcard, and explained why I wanted to photograph them while they setup for the day.
The young business owner is a student at Mozart Elementary on Central Park. She is entering the 3rd grade this fall. Her mother said her start up investments was about $150. She sold the snow cones for $1.00, $0.50 cents, and $0.25. They spend about 8 hours at the park, listening to music from the car, and servicing children, and adults all day. There was a van waiting to do business as they were unloading, and a walk up.
Their day usually starts about 11am, after they make a run to the Ice-House, to get a 40lb bag of shaved ice. They had the largest range of flavored syrup for their snow cones, that makes it a very popular stand. They take care in wiping down all the containers and covering the pumps, so that the bees won't swarm all day. Two ice chest, cups and straws.
I counted 15 flavors on the table: Root beer, Pina Colada, Blue Berry, Lime, Banana, Strawberry, Grape, and Orange.


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