Vending Carts at Armitage and Kedzie

I was walking yesterday (May 10, 2010) to the bus stop at Armitage/Kedzie when I walked past Fresh Market Armitage Produce, and the manager was outside on the sidewalk playing mediator with two vendors. The vendors were arguing about encroachment on territory. I didn't have my camera with me to take a photo of this, because no one would believe me, it was worth a short film on You tube. ELmundo a small black cart with silver letters was trying to claim the spot by a bigger vendor, who had her chair and everything already setup ready and ready for business. I guess this spot on Armitage is a good spot to be for business. I'm wondering if any of them have a vendors permit to do business. On the Kedzie side of the street were two of the same vending stands, I guess they are all doing business together, they've been there for a while.

11:30am I spotted a push cart with Mexican ice creams painted on the side, and a bell ringing going down Kedzie headed north toward Division/Homan.

The at Homan and Maypole, the candy store that was just a candy store last summer is now a real candy store, " He's Sweet To Know Candy Store", a new sign commercially made, not one of those home made deals, in yellow with red lettering. Now the store is legal, with a business plan and a permit to do business. I can't wait to photograph with the owner in front serving up to Garfield Park Neighborhood.


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