SNOW PEAS - Green is Popping Up in the City

Hybrid Artist Torkwase Dyson

Yale-educated Torkwase Dyson (above) creates artwork both inside her Brooklyn studio and in outdoor, public spaces. Her focus is on art that is functional and gentle on the environment. For instance, in Minneapolis, she constructed a sustainable piece of architecture in a park using solar-power energy to light an elaborate stage where people can perform—even at night. While she didn’t get paid for the public artwork (most of the materials were donated), she is frequently commissioned to do pieces and “her work can be found in New York galleries. “Green is popping up in the city now,” says Dyson a hybrid artist does use multiple forms to create. When someone says to me, “We have this space available I’m challenged. I see what I want to say and what I want to do to try something new I’ve never done before.”


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