Creating Sacred Space, An Installation at The Writer's Well

Found objects are opportunities to create art, and in garden's they become sources of inspiration. So it is I found this upside down washing-machine that was discarded years ago. I proposed to the founder of  Writer's Well Retreat instead of carting it off, to let me create a container garden for writers and other guest to stumble upon when taking nature walks around the property. 

First I sent an invitation to artist living in California, Illinois, Maryland, Montana to send me some dried seeds from their gardens to plant in this container, so it would be a collaboration.

Helen Mayers Jones, artist/curator for the Phantom Gallery Chicago sent me a package of wild flowers, to attract butterflies, and humming birds, she is my first contributor., I joined this web link, and found a fellow gardener from Tiger Georgia, not far from The Writer's Well.

Diana Bruton of Fresno California is drying seeds from her morning glory vines. Diana is the volunteer program coordinator, and a visual artist at the Fresno African American Historical and Cultural Museum, this summer she is spearheading a memorial garden for the late W. Ray Johnson, he was the Executive Director from 2005, until his passing December 2010.  A mural is also planned for the garden installation, by artist Willie Portis.


Dianna Long, Executive Director of the Urban Art Retreat is also a lover of morning glories, I had picked some seeds this winter on my way out, and dried them out so I could carry a part of the UAR spirit with me in my travels.  

I found a tomatoe cage,  I will wrap found pieces of fabric, discarded scarves I found on the highway when I was out walking New Years day,  to become in some sort of way part of the installation, we shall see. Anne Tomlanovich from  Montana contributed a dish she mailed February 2nd, 2011.


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