American Community Garden Association

W. Ray Johnson Memorial Garden, April 16th, 2011 Installation
Bring a brown bag lunch, gardening tools, and bottle water, starts at 9am

Garden at the AAHCM of the San Joaquin Valley

The W. Ray Johnson Memorial Garden is a tribute to the former Director, the Late Wilber Ray Johnson who passed away from Cancer in 2010. This memorial garden is scheduled for installation on April 16, 2011. It will consist of flowers that boarder the Museum grounds. A mural is also planned for the summer of 2011.

Garden dedication to Brandon Marlin 2009

Jacob Beidler School Community Garden is getting a installation during National Gardening Month, signage, and Mosaic tiles.

Jacob’s Garden, is a service learning project, using the arts/science and nature play. Students facilitated a design charette to discuss how they wanted to improve the physical environment of their school. Bringing a beautification project such as container gardening and raised beds promotes the power of “greening” at their school and in the surrounding community.

"Ubuntu" is an African wise saying: " I AM because we are." This is the second year of the of the school/community garden project, and the volunteers and interest of the teachers has doubled. This year eight container gardens will be designed and installed by the primary classes- Pre-K thru 3rd grade.

Positive Vibration Garden Project at the Switching Station Artist Lofts is still growing lovely, and the mural is still vibrant. I am no longer the gardener the Switching Station, but feel free to drive by and see how the garden is growing.


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