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“Roots N Stems”

Bill's objective is to introduce biotical through the visual arts, flowers, and landscape in abstract concepts in this newly aquired 3,000 square feet, city lot donated by the City of Chicago Alderman’s office Hyde Park Township/ Woodlawn, 6440 – 6442 S. Dorchester, Chicago.

Bill wants to foster "Generations Growing Together" where everybody benefits in communities when older and younger generations can share their knowledge, energy and talents. He is leading the charge in this intergenerational project, where it is his hope that older adults will work with children in gardening projects as well as other programs.
William Hill and James Van Den Boogart are the master gardeners in this new community green space, they are putting in endless hours, building, digging up foundation stone to use as sculptures or pathways for visitors exploring the space.
James Van Den Boogart

Bill says once the garden takes off, he hopes to sell produce to benefit the art gallery and garden expenses. He has five varieties of tomatoes all are organic, peppers, and other sensory plants, that can be sold to visitors, or he can make a salad for afternoons when he wants to sit and enjoy the peace and tranquilitiy of the space during a much needed break.

The raised bed planters were donated, by Bob Dreu a general contractor that owns the house adjacent to the city lot.

Bill intends to host and feature art shows, that are theme based “nature and floral” art, “garden sculptures”, he will be opening the coach house that has been owned by his family since the 40's, and open it up to the public, for small art receptions.

This project is supported by Alderman Wille Cochran, of the 20th Ward; who loves the thought of having community gardens on Dorchester. He is really pushing Bill to create the unique space, is the reason he donated the city lot for this project.

Bill Hill was the owner of Murphy Hill Gallery, 30,000 square foot gallery  that was in North Lawndale. He ran the gallery for five years from 2007-2011 before developers evicted all tenants to begin development of Homan Square Development Project - II.

For more information contact William Hill at, 312-351-0573.

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