William Hill Sculpture Garden

About William Hill Gallery

Located in the Woodlawn- Hyde Park community of Chicago, the William Hill Gallery exhibits the work of distinguished visual artists who are devoted to the critical investigation of nature, culture, race, gender and the postcolonial imagination. With an emphasis on painting, photography, sculpture, video and installation art, these artists highlight postmodern strategies, which challenge traditional modes of representation. William Hill Gallery is dedicated to the exhibition, scholarship and acquisition of 21st century international contemporary art.

The William Hill Fine Art Sculpture Garden is a 5,000 square ft. garden space  dedicated to the education of inter- generational groups in the cultural arts, fine gardening and healthy eating.

William Hill Fine Art Sculpture Garden  supports the following objectives:


Teaching the Woodlawn community the art of botanical gardening through  plant identification and the beneficial properties of flowering herbs.


Encouraging youth to make healthy food choices through the selection and preparation of fresh, nutritious food from our garden.


Using permaculture and organic farming  procedures to promote the the growth of healthy food production.


Adults will participate with children in the hands-on training of plant cultivation throughout the blooming and  harvest season.


William Hill Fine Art Sculpture Garden provides workshops to students of all ages on various topics related to:

Using edible plants for healthy living.

Spring planting and garden design

Discovering unique ways of using  herbs and vegetables to make exciting cuisine recipes.

Contact Information



6442 S. Dorchester, Chicago, IL 60637

Garden Type: Neighborhood Garden
Setting: Urban
Host Org: William Hill Fine Art Gallery
Handicap Accessible: yes
Size: 3000
Number of Plots: 6
Avg Plot Size: 0
Year Founded:2012
Greenhouse, deck, sculptures, tool Shed, Trellis, compost bin, Cast Iron Fireplace
running water, bathroom, cottage 500 square feet,

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