“Grandmother’s Circle a Tribute to Crecy's People and to Sallie Alpha”

 “The land” Rituals and Traditions creation of an Outdoor Altar Installations- serving as a living experiment for sustainable practices and an incubator for personal and collective transformation.
My own research and interests tells me that objects placed in front of us in the public sphere operate as forms of public pedagogy—meaning that they communicate and reinforce certain cultural narratives, hierarchies, and social mythologies.

 In the works arranged in this installation, I  examined cultural signs and symbols and their use or interpretation, through training, orientation, and construction. Inside the exhibition space viewers encounter a simulation of a ceremonial purification circle, using abstracted objects, representative images that serve as cultural mirrors and the sites in which they are situated serve as part of a broader cultural commentary.
Photo by: “YaYa” Jennifer Andreas Porras,

 Collaborating artist “YaYa” Jennifer Andreas Porras, will ask guest to consider sharing a story of a great and or grandmother, an auntie a daughter or sister friend that helped move them to a better place of compassion, devotion, education, transformation, motivation. This work will be video recorded story (via a Google chat recorded video, an abstract, list of words, a Face Book video or chat message private and or open post) and added to an installation of altars that will be traveling to Eastern Illinois later in the year as a collective collaboration with me. This project will be funded in part by the Tarble Art Center, and the Illinois Arts Council.

Symbols created by artist Caryl Henry Alexander, an artist with a purpose, and Alpha Bruton created these flags for the installation. Both artists explored traditional symbols from diverse cultures celebrating creativity and the earth while paying homage to the land we are one and the peoples who came before.

Talver Germany Miller- painted  this mural, the flashlight was Anita's mothers.  

The Visual Arts Development Project and the International Society of Altar Making is committed to offering high quality trainings, programs, consultations, and celebratory -based events led by credentialed trainers who are skilled in the art of facilitation, Altar Making, and Art Place making. To that end all gallery directors seeks support and expert advice from leading, purification ceremonies authorized elders, and traditional spiritual leaders, and regional land trust organizations.

The Fire Pit- passing on the flames, completed in silence, East to West soundtrack, contributed  by Talver Germany- Miller. Candles were donated by the International Society of Altar Making, Gallery of Myths, Stories and Living Tradition, the flames were left to melt into the installation.

Anita's Columns and Shells form Chimes  

 Shawana Thrower Low, and Oliver Wong Symbol Workshop

Anita working with the International Educators Hall of Fame "Elder's Circle" making stars for the installation, they were painted with glow paint to shine at night.

Dr. Patricia Adelekan, making stars for the installation

Last day of the Retreat, Happy, Anita, Caryl, Alpha, Diana, and Talver, Karen below.
Toni, turning a found object into something

Caryl making paint by boiling vegetation

Caryl creating stained paint on ceramic

Faculty: Dr. Pat, Angie, Anita, and Talver

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