Grandmother’s Circle - A Tribute to Crecy's People and to Sallie Alpha

 An Installation by Alpha Bruton
• November 9 - December 15, eGallery

Alpha Bruton’s installation is a simulation of a ceremonial purification circle, in which objects and images are selected to “serve as cultural mirrors and the sites in which they are situated serve as part of a broader cultural commentary.” 

                        Passing of the Flames, Fire Pit         Altar
 The artist has examined cultural signs and symbols and their use or interpretation. She believes that objects in the public sphere serve to communicate and reinforce certain cultural narratives, hierarchies, and social mythologies. A painter and an installation artist, Bruton synthesizes aspects of theater, sculpture, and other two-dimensional forms. 

 Crecy Ivory Burks &  Sallie Alpha Betta  Bruton
Video's installation six women share memories about their grandmother's: Diana Bruton, Antoinette Bruton, Christine Burks Allum  Toni Collie Perry, Talver Germany Miller, Anita Posey Lowe,  and other guest will be invited to add their memories through December 13th, 2013.

Vertical Mural by Talver Germany, and Triangle Spirit Flags Alpha Bruton
 Spirit flags West: Talver Germany Miller, Caryl Henry Alexander, Alpha Bruton- Spin
Fabric installation by Garrett- Goben

Spirit Flags East: LA Happy Hyder, Talver Germany Miller, Alpha Bruton- Fabric installation Garrett

 Banners  Freestone County Texas & Fannie County Texas, ceramic stars- Anita Posey LoweFabric installation Garrett

 Beginning of the altar, poles installation assisted by Sean Fairchild

Tissue paper, wrapping paper, brown paper bags, on cardboard tubes, repurpose Styrofoam boards
Altar: foundation- found object cardboard tubes, cowhide leather, photocopy images, oriental fans, rose pebbles, cloth, rosemary, sage, lavender, glass, yarn, plastic flowers, clothes pins, string, reeds, tape, ceramic slabs, bottles, water,

Four Directions- Mandela around the fire pit, constructed from colored  leather, installation assistant by Sean Fairchild Master in Ceramic 3D art, found objects, recycle repurposed clay pots, sculpture, clay, slip, mulch, cylinder blocks, burlap, cloth, mulch, bees wax, rebar, foam board led candles. Spirit Rods: Stan Padilla

Water Element: Buddhist Hand fountain, shells, glass, fishing line, batik, stain glass paper, Zen tray, wall tapestry

Glass was donated by Amy teacher from Humboth School, glass installation by Josh and
Bruton is the Tarble Arts Center’s 2013 Arts-In-Education artist-in-residence, and will be in residence at four area schools November 11 through December 13.  The residency is funded by the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency, by participating schools, the Coles County Arts Council, and Tarble membership contributions.

Residency-related community activities will consist of core group classes, Bruton’s installation
in the Tarble’s Brainard Gallery, the Teacher In-Service, and a closing reception to showcase the students’ works produced through the residency. All of these activities will take place at the Tarble. Activities will be promoted through area newspapers, E-promos, exhibition announcement cards, the Tarble’s website and Facebook page.
The Tarble serves as the site where the majority of residency activities will take place. The
Tarble maintains a classroom that will be used for core group meetings and gallery space in
which the artist’s work will be on view during the residency. Additional sites are Jefferson
Elementary School, Charleston; the Pathways Program, Mattoon; the Treatment and Learning Center, Humboldt; and Windsor Jr.-Sr. High School.

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