Art On Armitage, Chicago - Supermarket 2015 Stockholm Independent Art Fair

Mary Ellen Croteau 

 The Supermarket is an annual artist-run art fair for artist-run galleries. The aim is to provide a showcase for artists’ initiatives from all over the world and to create opportunities for new networks in the Swedish and international art scene. The exhibitors are generally not-for-profit exhibition spaces.

ART ON ARMITAGE is a window gallery in Chicago dedicated to art exhibitions, installations and other creations on busy Armitage Avenue, just west of Pulaski. It brings art out of the confines of the traditional art gallery and into the realm of the public. AOA presents lively, interesting and challenging work, which is seen by passers-by in a raised window box. The intent is to demystify and make art accessible, respecting both the artist and the viewer by providing an artist statement along with the artwork.

Featured Artist From Chicago,IL USA– Collaborators for the Supermarket, will present as independent installation artists, and ambassadors of Chicago Art Community.
Featured Artist – Collaborators for the Supermarket, will present as independent installation artists, and ambassadors of Chicago Art Community.
Rose Pritchett, featured artist from AOA include, is a visual and performance artist who exhibits and performs internationally, and during the Supermarket. Kathy Weaver exhibits nationally and internationally. She exhibited in more than 60 group shows around the country including in New York, Washington DC, Miami, Pittsburgh, and San Diego. Ayala Leyser , Out of Line Gallery-, she builds hyperboles and familiar scenarios involving the relationships to oneself as well as one another, focusing on the absurd and irrational, she was an installation artist at AOA March 2014.

Mary Ellen Croteau coordinating the Art on Armitage Installations artists, in Stockholm, during the Supermarket.  Mary Ellen Croteau is an artist whose work directly addresses the absurdities of social norms, and lays bare the underlying bias and sexist assumptions on which our culture is constructed. She currently works with non-recycled plastic waste, in an effort to demonstrate the huge amounts of trash we are consuming and sending into the environment.

She works in both large and small, from installation to artist books, and use as variety of media, from traditional painting to photography to Xerox and assemblage. Her art is about looking at things in a slightly different way, and is intended to undermine the status quo with wit and humor. 

Alan Emerson Hicks, received a Bachelor's of Fine Art Degree from Illinois State University. His  artwork is influenced by our society and magic.  His sculptures use plastic discarded objects and American detritus to create objects that comment on what our society finds important.  He is drawn to plastic material because of its weight and variety of color.  Plastic bottle caps and rings become colorful towers that reflect architecture, engineered structures and religious relics.  I use plastic clothes hangers to create figures and large geometric shapes.  Sometimes he uses heat manipulation to alter the shapes of the plastic objects.  He wants to impart in the viewer a sense of magic and wonder about the world around them.  The use of commonplace objects creates that sense.  I want the audience to view the plastic materials of their everyday lives anew.

Kathy Weaver

Recently, she received an Illinois Arts Council Grant, 2012. In addition, she received the Cathy Rasmussen Emerging Artist Memorial Award at Quilt National ’07 and will also be in this year’s upcoming Quilt National. Along with the solo show at Concordia University Chicago in March 2012, Weaver had a major solo show at The Art Center in Highland Park, IL in June and July 2012. She has had solo shows at the Chicago State University, the Gordon Center for Integrative Science (University of Chicago) and Woman Made Gallery in Chicago.

Rose Pritchett, is a visual and performance artist who has lived in the Middle East, Europe, North Wales and China. This cross-cultural experience serves as the underpinning of her work.

She exhibits and performs internationally, most recently at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Her honors include three Illinois Arts Council Project grants, four Ragdale residencies, two Albert P. Weisman Memorial scholarships, and art residencies in Lucerne, Switzerland, and Jiujiang, China. 
Ayala Leyser ,, a psychotherapist by trade puts her observations into a solid form of mixed media sculpture, using clay and discarded household items. She believes the function of the visual in consumer’s culture is to overwhelm and imprint, rendering us passive vessels for received wisdom. Vast databases of disconnected facts, driven by arcane mathematical formulae rather than a creative or logical progression of thought, do more to confuse and disconnect us from the information we need to control our world than they do to facilitate it. 

 Since Lelde Kalmite received her BFA and MFA degrees from the University of Chicago, she has exhibited her paintings in Chicago, the Midwest and Europe. In 1995, she earned a Ph.D. in art education (University of Minnesota) and worked as a teacher, nonprofit arts administrator, and independent consultant. She currently maintains a studio and serves as curator at the Bridgeport Art Center.  

Nelson Armour, Currently, working on several series. One is called Park Avenue Beach Revisited and explores the unseen environmental degradation of Lake Michigan. This series and one by another photographer, Ted Glasoe, form the basis of an exhibition proposal called Surface Tension: Beauty and Fragility on Lake Michigan. Another series,Working, are portraits of landscape workers in Chicago's north shore suburbs inspired by Milton Rogovin's paired portraits of workers on the job and at home.

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