“Holding Glass up to the Light, Where it can Sing”- 2015

Photo Credit William Hill
This is a new collaboration between me, and Mary Ellen Croteau, artist, and owner Art on Armitage.  I will be a featured artist July 2015, my installation is titled “Holding Glass up to the Light, Where it can Sing” a Continuum of Grandmother’s Circle A Tribute to Mama Crecy, and Sallie Alpha.  

Photo credit  William Hill

ART ON ARMITAGE is a window gallery in Chicago dedicated to art exhibitions, installations and other creations on busy Armitage Avenue, just west of Pulaski. It brings art out of the confines of the traditional art gallery and into the realm of the public. AOA presents lively, interesting and challenging work, which is seen by passers-by in a raised window box. The intent is to demystify and make art accessible, respecting both the artist and the viewer by providing an artist statement along with the artwork.

Armitage Avenue is well traveled: several hundred people pass each day.  The neighborhood is predominantly working class and Hispanic.  The public has been very responsive to the artwork in the window and almost all stop and look at it.

In April, my installation will  present in the Supermarket, along with seven other artists from Chicago.  The Supermarket is an annual artist-run art fair for artist-run galleries. The aim is to provide a showcase for artists’ initiatives from all over the world and to create opportunities for new networks in the Swedish and international art scene. The exhibitors are generally not-for-profit exhibition spaces.

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