The Migration Four Directions Mural Installation 2014

The Migration Four Direction Murals were installed at the corner of and King Dr, one block east of the 47th Street CTA stop, and across the street from the Harold Washington Cultural Center.

ASM Donovan priming the wood
Our Vision:  
Our project has a sense of the Butterfly stages of life, such as how the Butterflies adapt while traveling. Due to the fact that we are focusing on the East, we will incorporate the Northern migration of African Americans to the North, specifically the Bronzeville community. The monarch butterfly travels through the northeast to find direction and freedom. African Americans traveled to the northeast to find a sense of life and freedom. So we would like to incorporate the adaptations and migration of both to show a comparison.

Images: Our images are all representing the paths the African Americans and the monarch butterflies took to get to freedom and a safe place for them to prosper.

Making Color studies
Monarch butterflies do not fly west of the United States so the focus will be south west Mexico, where the day of the dead is celebrated. The celebration attracts many monarch butterflies because of the many flowers people bring to the celebration. Similar to the monarch butterfly migration, African Americans also migrated to the Bronzeville community for freedom, better opportunities, and to unite with their families. 

detailing design work

Our Vision
Our vision is to portray how the north was the beginning for the Monarch and the African Americans. In the most cases the north represents new opportunities that are not available for them in the south. For example, when the monarchs are in the south they don’t have opportunities to eat and they don’t have much freedom because they have to depend on each to survive. Which is different in the north because the Monarch has more freedom, opportunities to eat, survive, and produce.  As for African Americans in the south they didn't have much freedom to roam around and explore. When the Africans Americans migrated north they had more freedom to roam around, get jobs, and learn new things.

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