Creative Currency achieves this by projecting "Words to Live By" into the public square.

Caryl is involved with What's on top! Art-Nature-Community, Engaging community in creative action EcoHermanas. Totems-did first one in 2009, seven projects new one starting on Monday-rolling crest community Hero and Sheros. Get to Know- International Art and Nature program for K-12.

The motivation/problem that Creative Currency seeks to address is the deficit in civility and compassion that is currently rampant in our communities. We all experience this every day when we come into contact with our fellow humans. Our default approach is to not see each other as human. Although most would agree that treating each other with humanity, no matter who rules, creates a safe vibrant community. Creative Currency seeks to directly focus on the positive effect that staying mindful of how we treat each other truly is. This we do in an effort to build a better society.

Art on the Trail, Prince George County Parks District Totem Installations

Our participants engaged in community arts activities which contribute to personal and social development.

As an artist I was able to:

Jessie and Caryl Alexander

Share the creative process with diverse communities to explore the question of compassion in our human relations.

Expand my network of communities and organizations who are engaged in creative activities for social justice.

Participants personal benefits were expressed as improved communication, planning and organizing skills. They increased their capacities to collect, organize and analyse information and problem solving.

Our collective community benefit includes enhanced connections and networks and a stronger connection to creativity.

Caryl Henry Alexander 

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