TIME ARTS - Marianna Buchwald             

 Culture Bridge is an annual exhibition and International Festival open to the interpretation and views of artists, who enjoy the variety of expression in the form of paintings, music, photography, sculpture, jewelry, graphic design, fashion design, outsider art, performance art, film, storytelling and theater. The objective of this exhibition is to build the cultural exchange and dialog between artists from the United States, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Marianna Buchwald

Guest Curator - Alpha Bruton      
 Culture Bridge is the process by which different cultures approach each other by way of travel and communication. It can also refer to "the process by which Western culture is being exported and diffused into other nations. The International Art Group and artists invited to participate in 2017 Culture Bridge exhibition aim to create a dialog between cultures, using our many different art forms. 

Curator of Film Kao RA Zen
“We express the unique and specific flavor of our language, art, poetry, music, dance and tradition as part of our contemporary selves. We welcome you to our International Art Exhibition and Festival with more THAN FIFTY artists from five continents.”

All events are free and open to the public, donations are always welcome. Free parking at MB Financial.  Contact Marianna Buchwald, at 773-501-1300 for information on all events.

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