Art For Global Health

Alpha Bruton, Makeba Kedem-DuBois, Dr. Nataka Moore, Adam Murphy, 
I want to give a special thank  you to Curator Makeba Kedem-DuBose for inviting me to participate in this years Art For Global Health Fundraiser. It was held at the Fulton Street Collective event space at 1824 W. Hubbard.  The auctioneer was Candace Hunter, both women I know as   outstanding artists  in the Chicago African American art scene.

"Still Away North" 2016 @ Bruton 
I was fortunate enough to have my artwork  auctioned off, a collector bid on it at the starting bid. I donated the entire amount to the organization. The proceeds go toward programs that help deliver services to health care workers in Liberia. 

2017 Featured artists: Marcus Sterling Alleyne, Alpha Bruton, Cynthia Honvath Garbutt, Makeba Kedem-DuBose, Oscar Lester, June Ulrey.
Since 2014 the organization has had $42,580 of artwork donated from Chicago based artist. The artworks that were not sold at auction is still in their collection and is being sold as part of a silent auction. All proceeds go to the work they are doing  globally to provide leadership and to partner with other organizations to build the capacity of existing health care systems of under served populations locally and globally.   Contact the curator and/or director
The effects of the Ebola outbreak have left thousands of babies unregistered. Mothers fear the safety of their children as they are about to grow up in a world with no government documents and therefore no access to health care and other benefits. What is going to happen to these children who don’t “exist”?

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